Can I Use A Home Paternity Test
For Child Support?

can i use a home paternity test result for child support

Can I use a Home Paternity Test Result For Child Support?

Many people are curious about how to use a home paternity test result for child support. This post provides information on what you should do and what you should not do with the results of the test. You should know that the results of the test cannot be used in court, but it can provide peace of mind and let you make an informed decision about how you may want to further proceed. Before we get started, We should establish what a paternity test is. DNA Paternity Testing allows an alleged biological father to determine whether or not he is biologically related to a child. In some instances, testing is initiated by the alleged father of a child. In other instances, testing will be initiated by the mother of a child due to trust issues between the alleged father and mother.

What you can not do with Home DNA Paternity Testing results?

Peace of Mind Paternity Tests can be performed in the comfort of your home or your samples can be collected by a third-party DNA sample collector. The results for peace of mind DNA tests can not be used in court or for any legal purpose. Remember, a home paternity test does not require a legal chain of custody to be established. It is the establishment of a chain of custody along with your DNA samples being collected by an unbiased third-party DNA sample collector and your samples being tested and analyzed by an AABB accredited laboratory such as our partner laboratory that allows your DNA test results to be court-admissible.

What At-Home Paternity Tests results can be used for?

Home Paternity Test results can be used for informational purposes only. So, if you are an alleged biological father that has questions regarding your paternity with a child you believe to be biologically related to yourself without legal involvement. A home paternity test would be an ideal option. A Home DNA test will allow an alleged biological father to perform a paternity test if his name is not on the birth certificate and without the mother being present. Although performing a paternity test without the mother is not recommended. Your DNA Test result will be accurately processed and analyzed without the mother. With the mother involved in your test. It will allow for increased accuracy of your results.


If you are in need of paternity test results for legal purposes such as for birth certificate name changes, child custody, and/or child support maybe even for Social Security. Please note, Peace of mind home paternity tests will not be accepted by a Family Court Judge or State institution. It should also be noted that you do not have to be the legal father of a child to perform a Peace of Mind Home Paternity Test if you have access to the child.  We do recommend that mothers and alleged fathers work to consult with one another before performing a paternity test if possible. This way, it lessens potential disagreements regarding how the testing was performed. In addition, the biological mother of the child does not have to be present although we recommend that the biological mother participates in the paternity test for increased accuracy of the results. To order a home paternity test kit click here.


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