How Does Home Paternity Tests Work?
how does a home paternity test work

Home DNA testing is straightforward, especially if you need it just for general knowledge and not for legal purposes. If you are an alleged father and are in doubt, you can quickly satisfy your curiosity with the help of our services at Paternity Express for paternity test kits and results. Our laboratory analyses cheek swabs or saliva to give very accurate DNA results within days. This procedure is effortless and straightforward and once you collect and mail your samples to the lab. It will be processed and analyzed and mailed to your home. This article will discuss various aspects of a home paternity test and how it works.

How Does At Home Paternity Testing Work?

As stated earlier in this article. It is a straightforward process, with simple instructions. It is worth noting that a home DNA test requires that you collect your own DNA samples at home. Our DNA kit comes with simple easy to follow instructions on how to perform self DNA sample collections effectively. A standard kit comes with a prepaid overnight return envelope going to the lab, a chain of custody form sample collection supplies for a father and child or, a father, mother, and child.

Once the samples are collected, they are delivered to our partner laboratory for DNA extraction and analysis. The laboratory will process and analyze your samples using between 18 and 24 genetic DNA markers to produce a genetic profile from each sample you submitted to the lab. The profiles are then compared to see if a biological relationship can be established between an alleged father and child.

Results Turnaround Time

The results are usually completed within 1 to 3 days from the date in which the lab receives all DNA samples. Upon completion of your results, a copy will be sent to your email and a copy will be sent to your home.

Method of sample collection
What is the cost of a Paternity Express Home Paternity test?

The cost of our home DNA Paternity Test kit starts at $179.99 and up. If you would like to order your home kit online today click to visit our order page here 

How Accurate Is Home Paternity Testing?

Home paternity testing has an accuracy of 100% when done well, ensuring error-free results through proper handling, testing, and sample analysis. The results are given as a percentage of the probability of a biological relationship between the child and alleged father (inclusion paternity test) and in most cases, the result is 99.99% or above. Exclusion results are always 0% since if the two genetic profiles don’t match, statistically they are no chance that the child and alleged father are biologically related.

Can a DNA test be done with just the father and child?

Yes, a DNA test can be done without involving the mother’s samples since it requires matching the father’s genetic profile with that of the child and comparing them. The advantage of having the mother involved with a paternity test will increase the accuracy of the results.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the home paternity test and how it works. This procedure is very affordable, accurate, and comfortable as cheek swabs aren’t sensitive or painful. High confidentiality is also assured and results are only accessible to the participating parties. A home DNA test is very simple and you don’t have to live all your life with doubts. Contact us at 866-205-8356 to order your Paternity Express Home DNA paternity test kit today.

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