How Long Does Paternity Testing Take?

how long does a dna test results take

How long does DNA testing take?

A standard paternity test either legal or non-legal will has an average turnaround time of 2 to 3 business days for DNA results to be completed.

Home paternity tests

This DNA testing option is a non-legal DNA Test that helps to determine the paternity of an alleged father and child. The test can be performed in the comfort of your home by purchasing a Home Paternity Test kit.

Please note, that this testing option cannot be used for any legal purpose. It should also be noted that non-legal paternity testing services are not allowed to be offered to New York State residents as per the New York State Department of Health guidelines.

Legal Paternity Test

This DNA testing option is a legal DNA Test that helps to determine the paternity between an alleged father and child. All legal DNA testing services we provide can be used for legal purposes.

Legal paternity testing results can be used for immigration, social security, child support, IVF, or estate cases just to name a few.

What’s the difference between legal vs non-legal paternity tests?

The difference between legal vs non-legal paternity tests is a legal paternity testing requires a chain of custody to be established, all DNA samples must be collected by an unbiased third-party DNA sample collector, and all genetic samples must be tested and analyzed by our partner AABB Accredited DNA Testing laboratory.

Can I receive my DNA testing results on the same day?

Yes. Same-day DNA testing results are an option that is available to our clients if needed.

How does the process work?

If you are in need of same-day testing the process works as follows.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Once we agree upon your appointment date and time for your DNA samples to be collected. The DNA Samples will be shipped expedited overnight to the lab first thing in the morning.

When the lab receives your samples. Same-Day DNA tests will be given priority and tested immediately.

Results will be completed by the end of the same day the lab received your DNA samples.

It should be noted that same-day DNA testing will require an additional cost for priority testing.


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