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How can I create my own Home DNA Test?

Creating your own Home DNA test is not possible but collecting your DNA samples to be tested is an option when you are unable to have a home paternity test kit shipped to your home. Paternity Express recognizes there are unique situations that may occur. Below is a brief overview of how you can create a Home DNA testing kit.

DNA Sample Collection Process:

  • Contact Paternity Express at 866-205-8356 and consult with one of our relationship testing consultants regarding the DNA samples you would like to have tested.
  • If you are using cotton swab samples for each person. We recommend that you use two cotton swab samples per person, one for each cheek inside of your mouth. Place each swab sample collected into a paper mailing letter envelope. Make sure that you label each envelope accordingly. It is important that you place your samples in a room temperature environment until you are able to ship your samples.
  • If you are using a forensic sample such as a toothbrush, hair sample, or a used kleenex. It is also recommended that you place these items into a paper envelope and not a plastic bag. Plastic bags are commonly thought to be a good option to place an item that has genetic material on it into a plastic bag. Storing a DNA sample into a Ziploc bag may compromise the sample to the moisture that may accumulate from the sample being enclosed inside the Ziploc. As stated earlier with the cotton swab sample collections. Once the samples have been collected. The samples should be kept at room temperature until you are ready to ship your samples.
  • Once you have collected the samples of all the parties involved with the test. Contact Paternity Express to order/initiate your Home DNA test Kit by making your payment.
  • After your payment has been made. An assigned DNA testing consultant will email you a chain of custody form, an overnight shipping label, and sample collection instructions.
  • All you will need to do is acquire your own shipping envelope and attach the prepaid label that was emailed to you onto the envelope. Place the chain of custody form and your samples into the envelope and send the contents back to the lab.

Is there a pricing difference if I do not receive supply test kits from Paternity Express?

No. It should be noted, the price of a Home DNA Test Kit whether the kit is shipped to you or not, will not change the price of your DNA Test.

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