What is an Infidelity DNA Test?

An infidelity DNA test can tell you definitively whether or not your partner has been unfaithful. If you suspect that your partner has been cheating, this test can give you the answers you need.

The test is simple, it involves using items such as hair samples, semen detection by way of stain on a bedsheet, or undergarments to name a few.

A reference swab sample will be needed from you to compare and match the DNA from the item submitted. Infidelity

How does an infidelity test work

The process is simple.

  1. Contact PaternityExpress at 866-205-8356 to order a home DNA test kit.
  2. Collect your own samples using buccal swabs.
  3. Place stained garment in an envelope and label it. Complete the enclosed chain of custody and ship the contents to the lab.
  4. The lab will identify if DNA exists on the item submitted to the lab. If a reference swab is also provided. The lab will run an analysis to compare the DNA of the reference swab sample and item.
  5. Upon completion of the DNA analysis, a report will be generated and a copy will be mailed to your home and another will be emailed to you.

Please note: New York State residents due to New York State Department of Health guidelines peace of mind at home DNA genetic tests can not be purchased by its residents. Only legal relationship testing services can be performed regardless of use.

Types of Infidelity DNA Tests:

semen detection

This type of DNA testing option helps to detect semen on a garment, condom, or bedsheet only.

Semen Detection:

The cost of the testing option is $199.99 and up

Comparative Infidelity Test:

This testing option is a more complete test that compares an item with a reference sample to confirm the presence of a male, female, or a mix of both.

How much does an Infidelity DNA Test cost?

Pricing for comparative Infidelity Testing starts at 399.99 and up.

How long will it take for my DNA test results to be completed?

The turnaround time for Infidelity DNA testing to be completed on average is 3 to 7 business days.

We recommend contacting our office to discuss the samples you plan to utilize for specific turnaround DNA testing completion times.

court admissible paternity test

Can an Infidelity test be used for legal purposes?

No. When performing a legal DNA test all parties involved must be involved with the DNA testing process to properly build a legal chain of custody.

Home DNA Tests do not meet the requirements for legal DNA testing. Therefore, the results cannot be used for any legal reason. If you require a legal DNA test. We recommend contacting our office today at 866-205-8356 to learn more about our process.


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