What Is Avuncular DNA Testing?

An avuncular test is a DNA test that helps to determine if an alleged uncle or aunt is biologically related to a presumed niece or nephew. This testing option is commonly used to help determine the paternity of a child, the alleged father, or the alleged father’s grandparents are unavailable.

An avuncular DNA test is also known as an aunt or uncle biological relationship test. The most common 

How does home Avuncular Testing process work?

The process is simple. See the list below.

1. Contact Paternity Express by phone to order your kit or order online here

2. After you order your kit. It will ship within 24hrs from your purchase.

3. Upon receipt of your DNA kit. Following the enclosed instructions on how to collect your genetic samples and complete your chain of custody form.

4. Place all items after you collected your samples and completed the chain of custody form in the prepaid return envelope going to lab that came with your kit.

5.Once your kit is received by the lab testing will begin.

6. Upon the completion of testing. A copy of the test results will emailed to you and a physical copy will mailed to your home.

If you would like to order your kit today please contact our office directly or order online below.

Please note:

New York State residents due to New York State Department of Health guidelines peace of mind at home DNA genetic tests can not be purchased by its residents. Only legal relationship testing services can be performed regardless of use.


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