Where Can You Buy Home Paternity Tests?

at home dna test kit for paternity

Where can I buy a home DNA test kit?

If you are looking to purchase an at-home paternity testing kit that is easy to order, simple to use with professional and attentive customer service. Then, Paternity Express can assist you today. We have two options. One, you purchase the home paternity test directly on our site at the bottom of this page. Two, please contact our office at 866-205-8356 and allow one of our DNA testing consultants to assist you with ordering a home DNA paternity test kit today.

How does a home DNA paternity test work?

As stated earlier we actually made the process simple. Below is a brief outline of what you can expect from our home paternity DNA testing service.

1. First purchase your home DNA Test kit from this page or by contacting our office today at 866-205-8356.

2.  Once you purchase your test kit. Please allow 24 hours for your kit to be processed and shipped.

3.  When your paternity test kit is ready to ship you will receive an email with tracking details going to your home.

4 Once you receive your home DNA collection kit. Enclosed will be 1 chain of custody form, cheek swabs, sample collection envelopes for each person involved with your test, and the instructions on how to collect your own DNA samples. 

5. Collect your samples and place your samples and the completed chain of custody inside of the return prepaid shipping envelope going to back to the lab.

6. Once all samples are received by the laboratory. Please allow 1 to 3 business days from the date in which the lab receives your samples.

7. Upon completion of your results a copy of your results will be emailed and a physical copy will be mailed out to your home.

Important Note: Due to New York State guidelines We will be unable to sell at-home paternity test kits to New York State residents. Only legal DNA paternity testing services can be performed in NYS regardless of the reason you are performing DNA testing (peace of mind or legal). 

How will I receive my paternity test report?

When your results are completed. A copy of your results will be mailed to your home and a copy will be emailed to you for your records.


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