at home dna test kit

Paternity Express the domain name was recently acquired and is now under new ownership. We are a group of experienced DNA sample collection technicians with over 16 years of experience providing DNA testing and DNA sample collection services to families nationwide. We work in partnership with accredited laboratories to provide the highest quality and accurate DNA testing services to our clients at an affordable price point.

Our mission is to bridge the communication and information gaps between clients we service and the time you receive your DNA paternity testing result or any related DNA relationship testing service. In short, our goal is to provide you with the industry’s best customer service from the time of purchase until your DNA test result has been received. No longer will people have to wait for weeks to receive their DNA test results or not receive answers to their questions. In addition, our clients will be notified of any extended testing that may be required. This will eliminate any guessing on how long or when you will receive your results.

It is important for us to note, our focus here at Paternity Express is providing At-Home DNA Testing Kits for the purposes of providing low-cost DNA paternity testing and related DNA testing services in the comfort of your home. Therefore, the results you receive are not prepared for legal purposes.

The results our partner laboratory provides are for informational purposes only. Although, peace of mind testing is this site’s focus. We can assist those in need with legal DNA testing services which Paternity Express also provides to the public.

If you are in need of non-legal or legal DNA testing services. Contact our office today at 866.205.8356.