A legal paternity test results that is a notarized document that is legally admissible in court and is recognized government and state institutions.

A paternity test that is performed for legal purposes is a genetic test to determine a biological relationship between an alleged biological father and child.

The key difference between a legal and non-legal paternity test is legal tests require a chain of custody to be established, DNA samples must be collected by an unbaised third party DNA sample collector. The results you receive will be notarized by our partner AABB Accredited DNA Testing Laboratory.

Common uses:

Legal DNA paternity testing results can be used for child support cases to establish paternity, adding a father’s name to the child’s birth certificate, Immigration to a claimed biological relationship to acquire a visa or Counselor Report of a Birth Abroad (CRBA), and Social Security Survivor Benefits etc.

Legal paternity testing process:

Legal results have an accuracy 99.9% and higher for inclusion.

Cost of Test

The starting price for this type of genetic testing is $375.00 and up.


The results you receive from our partner laboratory are recognized by Family Courts, Immigration (USCIS & Embassies), SSI Survivor Benefits and Birth Certificate Vital Records Dept.

Turnaround Time For DNA Results

The average turnaround time is 2 to 3 business days from the date the laboratory receives all genetic samples.


Our partner laboratory is accredited by the AABB. The AABB is the accrediting body that State and Government institutions recognize when a biological relationship needs to be established.


Upon the completion of your results a copy will be sent to your home and another copy will be sent via email.


We offer legal paternity DNA testing services to all 50 states.


Can use my results for Family Court?

Yes. Our partner AABB accredited laboratory relationship test results are legally admissible in court.

Can I use my results to add the father’s name to the birth certificate?

Yes. Once your genetic test is completed you can submit your results to the Department of Vital Records in your city.

Will Social Security accept my legal DNA test results?

Yes. If your DNA test results are performed by an AABB accredited laboratory.

Can an At-Home Paternity Test be used for legal purposes?

No. At-Home or Non-legal paternity tests are not recognized by state or government institutions.

At-Home DNA tests does not require a legal chain-of-custody to be established or an unbiased DNA sample collector to collect your DNA samples.

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Where can I go to perform a DNA paternity test?

All DNA sample collection appointments have to be scheduled by our office. Please contact one of our DNA consultants today at 866-205-8356 for appointments.

We have DNA sample collection facilities nationwide in network near a city near you.