When an alleged father, paternal grandparents and or sibling of the child in question are unavailable to perform a DNA test to establish paternity. The option that can be explored is an Avuncular DNA test. This testing option is used as a last resort when no other family members are available to be tested.

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What is an DNA Avuncular (Aunt/Uncle) Test?

An Avuncular DNA test aka Family Reconstruction test is a test to help determine a paternal biological relationship between a paternal aunt or uncle and a niece or nephew. It recommended that the mother of the participate in DNA testing process to help increase the accuracy of the DNA test.

Aunt DNA Test

An Avuncular Aunt DNA Test is a test where an alleged aunt is test with a niece or nephew. This is an testing option is often used when an alleged father, other offspring and his parents are unavailable to perform a paternity test.

Uncle DNA Test

An Avuncular uncle DNA test is similar to the aunt DNA test where an uncle is tested with an alleged niece or nephew. This is an testing option is also used when an alleged father, other offspring and his parents are unavailable to be tested.

Both aunt/uncle DNA tests are considered the last option to prove paternity. In addition to aunts and uncles sharing 25% percent with a niece or nephew not all fathers may have a sibling available that can be tested.

How does the home DNA test kit process work

  1. Here is what you can expect from your experience with our service.
  2. Purchase a home DNA test kit online or by phone.
    After your purchase has been made, please allow up 24 hours or 1 business day for your DNA test kit to be shipped to your home.

  3. Once you receive your kit. Please follow the instructions on how to collect your genetic samples.
    After you collect your samples and complete the chain of custody form please use the prepaid return FedEx envelope.

  4. When laboratory receives all genetic samples your results will be completed in 2 to 3 business days.

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How much does an Avuncular Aunt-Uncle DNA test kit cost?

The cost of an Avuncular DNA test starts at 299.99 and up.

Can I use my test results for legal purposes?

Yes. If you are performing a legal test which requires a chain of custody be established and all parties involved with your DNA test are required to have their DNA samples collected by an unbaised DNA sample collector.

All legal tests are performed by our partner AABB accredited laboratory. Contact our office today at 866-205-8356 to schedule an appointment or learn more this testing option.

At-Home Aunt or Uncle DNA Test Kit

Can an Home Aunt/Uncle DNA test kit be used for legal purposes?

It should be noted that the Home Aunt or Uncle DNA Test kit we offer cannot be used for any legal purpose.

How accurate is Avuncular Testing accurate?

This testing option can provide 100% accurate exclusion rate. Which means there is no biological relationship between an aunt or uncle with the niece or nephew. Inclusion reports may display 99.9% and higher. An inclusion means there is a probability of a biological relationship between an aunt or uncle with the niece or nephew.


In conclusion, an Avuncular DNA test can provide valuable information when the alleged father, paternal grandparents or siblings are not available for testing. It is important to note that this type of testing can only determine a biological relationship between the child and the aunt or uncle, and it is recommended that the mother also participates in the testing process to increase accuracy.

The testing process is simple and can be done at home with a DNA test kit, and results are typically available within a few business days. If you are in need of an Avuncular DNA test please do not hesitate to contact our office at 866-205-8356 to order or schedule an appointment.