Can A Paternity Test Be Done With Hair

paternity testing with hair

Home DNA testing from hair

DNA paternity testing with hair follicle samples is a viable alternative DNA test to a standard paternity test that can be performed when or more people are unable to have their DNA samples collected via a buccal cheek swab.

The types of DNA paternity tests that can be performed using hair follicles are:

The most commonly used DNA tests are

  1. Paternity Test
  2. Sibling Test
  3. Grandparent DNA Test

It is recommended that you contact our office today at 866-205-8356 to learn more about this DNA testing option or any other type of family relationship testing option.

How to order a Hair Testing kit:

  • First, Order a Home Hair DNA Test Kit online or contact our office at 866-205-8356.
  • After your purchase please allow up to 24 hours for our office to ship your DNA test kit to your home.
  • Once you receive your home DNA Hair test kit. Complete the chain of custody form, follow the instructions on how to collect your buccal swab samples, and how to properly handle your hair follicle samples.
  • After you have collected your samples and completed the chain of custody forms. Place contents into the prepaid FedEx shipping envelope going back to the lab.
  • When your samples arrive at the lab testing of the samples will be completed within 3 to 5 business days.
  • Upon the completion of your results, a copy of your results will be mailed to your home and another copy will be shipped to your email.
  • If you would like to order a Hair Home DNA test kit. Please contact our office today at 866-205-8356

If you are New York State resident. It should be noted we are unable to provide any Home DNA Testing service to New York State residents according to the NYS Dept of Health guidelines.

What are the contents of the DNA Home Hair test kit?

The standard contents of a Home DNA test using hair are.

  1. Chain of Custody Form
  2. Sample Collection Envelopes
  3. Buccal swabs (if necessary)
  4. FedEx prepaid return shipping envelope to the lab.
  5. Instructions on how to collect your genetic samples (swab and hair)

Please note, when collecting hair samples you are not required to use an envelope that is provided inside of your test kit. The envelope you already stored the samples
in is acceptable. It is important to make sure that your envelope is properly labeled with the name of the person whose hair sample is enclosed in the envelope.

How long does a hair DNA test take?

Results for Hair Follicle DNA Testing have an average turnaround time of 3 to 5 working days.

Can DNA testing with hair from siblings be performed?

Yes! using hair follicle (root) samples can be used to perform a sibling DNA test.

How much is the cost of a paternity test with hair?

The cost of a DNA hair test kit starts at $299.99 and up.

Are Forensic Home DNA Hair Tests accurate?

In the majority of cases, the percentage of obtaining a result using hair samples is roughly 80% success rate.

It should be noted that the hair follicle must have a white bulb or root at the end of each hair strand. The upkeep and quality of your hair root samples are important for the lab to determine whether your genetic profile can be extracted and analyzed.

Is there an age limit for performing a DNA test?

No. there is no age limit to perform a DNA paternity test with hair or without hair.

What is the best part of the body to acquire a hair sample from?

Hair samples can be pulled from any part of the body that has hair. As long as each hair strand has a root or white bulb at the end, the part of the body does not matter.


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