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At-Home DNA Test For Grandparents

Grandparent DNA Testing: What Is It?

A grandparent DNA test is a peace of mind test that is performed when one or both parents of a child’s biological parents are unavailable to be tested. The participants involve a grandparent and grandchild.

Paternal grandparent DNA tests are more commonly performed. This is due to the alleged father voluntarily refusing to perform a DNA test or the father is deceased and unable to participate in the testing process

How to get started:

  1. The first step, contact Paternity Express by phone at 866-205-8356 to purchase your kit.
  2. After you purchase your kit. Please allow 24 hours or the next business day for your kit to ship to your home.
  3. Once the kit has shipped you will be sent an email with the tracking information going to your home.
  4. After you receive your kit. Follow the enclosed instructions carefully on how to collect your own samples. Complete the chain of custody form. Place your samples and chain of custody inside your prepaid return envelope.
  5. Once your samples arrive at the lab. Please allow 1 to 3 business days for your results to be completed.
  6. When your results are complete. One of our DNA relationship testing consultants will contact you and provide you with a result update. A copy will be sent to you by email and another copy will be sent by physical mail.

Please note: If you are a New York State resident you will not be able to purchase any Home DNA Testing kits due to the New York State Department of Health guidelines. Only legal DNA tests can be performed in New York State.

Are grandparent DNA tests accurate?

Yes. A grandparent testing is an accurate testing option when an alleged biological father of a child is unavailable to be tested. One or both grandparents can participate along with the mother of the child for increased accuracy.

If you would to learn more about this testing option. Contact our office today at 886-205-8356 to get started.

How much does a grandparent testing cost?

Pricing starts at 299.99 and up. Please note, that there are no additional or hidden lab fees added to the cost of your DNA test.

How long does a Home Grandparent test take?

A Home Grandparent test has a turnaround time of 2 to 3 business days for your results to be completed.

What samples can be used for a Home Grandparent test?

Buccal swabs are the standard method of DNA sample collection when you purchase your home DNA test kit.

It should be noted that toothbrush samples, hair samples, ear wax samples on a toothbrush, or bloody on tissue or bandaid can be used as alternative options to perform a grandparent DNA test.

We recommend that you contact us at 866-205-8356 to inquire about these testing options today.

How much DNA do you share with your grandparents?

According to geneticists, a grandchild receives up to 25% of inherited DNA from one grandparent.

Can my Home Grandparent Test be used for legal purposes?

No. Unfortunately, Home Grandparentage DNA tests cannot be used for legal purposes.

This is an informational test and this type of test does not meet the criteria to submit a result for any legal purpose.

All Legal tests require an unbiased third-party collector to collect the samples of the participants involved with the DNA test. In addition, pictures of the participants must be taken and a chain of custody must be established for DNA test results to be deemed a legal document.


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