Boyfriend Asks For A Paternity Test

ask for paternity testing

When a boyfriend asks for paternity test?

If a man/boyfriend requests a paternity test be performed.More than likely something triggered his curiousity about not being the biological father of a child.

Below are some common things that may make a man consider performing a DNA paternity test.

If important note that this question is asked by both unmarried and married men when questions arise.

Scenario 1

A man who will ask the mother of a child to perform paternity test will do it if the mother constantly makes statements that he is not the father of the child and then apologizes for her comment after an argument.

If those statement happen too often, the father may request a paternity test. Depending on how cooperative the mother is, she may agree to perform the paternity test. If she decides to agree it will probably take a couple years or more before a possible DNA test may occur.

Scenario 2

The alleged father may question the mother’s fidelity way to often due to his own insecurity. He may have heard about someone he knows who may have perform a paternity test and found out he is not the father.

Sometimes the child may not look like himself or anyone is family so he would want to perform DNA test.

Scenario 3

A friend, relative or an acquaintance may share intimate details about the mother of the child you believe to be yours that will make a man question the paternity of the child.

When this occurs feelings of betrayal and hurt will drive a man to request a paternity test.

Is it wrong to ask for a paternity test?

No. Asking about performing a paternity test is not wrong. But it is important that a boyfriend take into consideration the feeling and emotions that may be provoked from the question based on your circumstances.


In conclusion, there are various reasons why a man may request a paternity test. It could be due to the mother constantly making statements questioning his paternity, his own insecurity and doubts about the mother’s fidelity, or information shared by others that raise doubts about the child’s paternity.

These situations can lead to feelings of betrayal and hurt, prompting the man to seek confirmation through a DNA test. Ultimately, each case is unique and the decision to undergo a paternity test depends on the individual circumstances and the willingness of the parties involved.

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