legal dna test with grandparents

What is legal DNA Grandparent test?

A legal DNA test with grandparents is genetic test that determines a biological relationship between a grandparent/s and a grandchild.

If the mother is available to be tested it is recommended she participates for increased accuracy for your results.

Paternal grandparents DNA test is the most common test performed when the alleged father is unavailable to be tested.

Common uses for a Grandparentage testing

Below are the common use to perform this type of DNA test.

Social Security Benefits

Adding father’s name to a child’s birth certificate

Medical History

Confirm Family Relationship


How the process works

  1. Contact our office to schedule an appointment in a city near your home with of our DNA associates.
  2. After your DNA samples are collected. Your DNA samples will shipped to lab for testing.
  3. Upon the receipt of your DNA samples by the lab. Results will be completed within 2 to 3 business days.
  1. Once the results are completed. A copy of your results will be mailed to your home and A copy will be emailed to you.

Please note: All legal DNA testing services we provide are performed by our partner AABB DNA Testing Parentage Laboratory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing starts at $499.99 and up. Please note, that there are no additional or hidden lab fees added to the cost of your DNA test. Samples collection fees are not included in the price.

How long does Grandparent DNA test results take?

Legal Grandparent testing has an average turnaround time of 2 to 3 business days for your results to be completed.

Can I use my DNA grandparent test results in Family Court?

Yes. Legal DNA test results can be used for legal purposes.

The difference between a legal or non-legal DNA Grandparentage Test is a legal DNA test requires a chain of custody be established, DNA samples have to be collected by an unbiased third party DNA sample collector and performed by an AABB accredited DNA Testing laboratory.

Non-legal DNA tests are can be performed in the comfort of your home and DNA samples can be self-collected.

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