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What is a legal Sibling DNA Test?

A DNA sibling test is a genetic test that determines the biological relationship between to siblings. This test can be performed with sister and brother, brother and brother or sister and sister.

A legal DNA sibling  test is a test that can be performed if you and your sibling require to prove  a biological relationship for any legal purpose. Below are some of the most reason this testing option may be used.

Social Security Benefits

A Sibling DNA  test is sometimes used to prove a paternal biological relationship when an alleged father suddenly passes away and his name was not added to one of his children’s birth certificate.

This becomes a secondary option if the father does not have a DNA sample on file at the coroner’s office to perform a paternity test or the father’s biological parents are unavailable to be tested.

If the alleged father’s name is on one of children’s birth certificate performing a sibling DNA test may be an option to provide proof of shared paternity. Please speak with a Social Security agent to inquire about the process of acquiring benefits with siblings


An immigration sibling test is used when the biological parents are unavailable to be tested and when one sibling is petitioning for the other to acquire a U.S. Visa.


This testing option is commonly used with half siblings. Normally, the siblings may share the same biological father and may be unaware of each others existence until the alleged biological father is deceased.


This testing option is also used when siblings have been adopted and are in search for their biological relatives. Oftentimes the method of finding relatives are done by way of

Full Sibling test:

What is a full sibling DNA  test?

A full sibling DNA test is a type of DNA testing that compares the genetic material of two or more individuals to determine if they are full siblings (share both mother and father). This is performed when the alleged biological parents are unavailable to be tested.

Half Sibling Test

What is a half sibling DNA  test?

A half DNA sibling test is a type of genetic test that determines whether two potential people share a common biological parent. Oftentimes this test is performed to determine if they share the same biological father.

The cost of a legal sibling test starts at $499.99 and up. Sample collection fees are not included in the cost of your DNA test.

When will I receive a copy of my results?

Results are available within 2 to 3 business days from the date in-which the lab receives all genetic samples.

Where can I go to schedule a DNA sample collection appointment?

Contact our office at 866-205-8356 and allow one of our associates the opportunity to assist you with an appointment today.

What type of samples will be collected at my DNA collection appointment?

All legal DNA sample collection performed in-office are collected using buccal swabs.

Yes. All DNA testing services we provide are performed by our partner AABB Accredited Laboratory. What this means is, your DNA results are recognized by Family Court Judges and U.S. Immigration offices nationwide.

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