How much does a paternity test cost?

cost for dna paternity tests

How much does a DNA paternity test cost?

The cost of a paternity test starts at $199.99 and up. Fast results in 2 to 3 business days. All DNA samples collected for paternity testing will be tested and analyzed by our partner AABB Accredited DNA testing laboratory.

How much does a DNA test cost?

The cost of a DNA test ranges from $199.99 to $1700.00 on average. The cost of your DNA test will be depend on a number of people involved with your DNA test, the type of samples being used, and relationship that you are trying to determine.

Below are the list of alternative DNA testing options we provide to help you determine paternity of child when an alleged biological father is unavailable to be tested.

The price provided are ranges to give you an idea on what the cost of a DNA test is. If you would need a quote on a specific DNA test or you need to schedule an appointment or ask a question. Contact our office today at 866-205-8356.

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