Sperm theft: nonconsensual PATERNITY

What is sperm theft?

Sperm theft, also known as sperm jacking, sperm stealing or baby-trapping, is when a woman takes sperm from a man without his knowledge and/or consent, after having some kind of non-sexual or sexual contact. This form of theft is becoming increasingly more common as technology advances.

Most common ways sperm is stolen:

1.Stolen condom is one of the more common ways sperm is stolen. Sperm from the condom is either used immediately after intercourse, or the female may submit the sperm to a sperm bank for later use.

2.Drunk non-consensual sex. This technically would be considered a sexual assault.

3.If a Fertility clinic uses a man’s sperm without his consent.

Will a man be responsible for child support due to sperm theft?

Yes. A man will be responsible for child support due to sperm theft. It appears proving a man’s sperm was stolen may be a challenge in Family Court. Even if the mother admits to stealing the sperm. We are unaware of any court case in the U.S. that ruled in favor of the man due to sperm theft.

Normally, the Family Courts nationwide are partial towards mothers. Even if you the biological father was able to prove he is a victim of sexual assault and he conceived a child without his consent. The judge more than likely will rule in the best interest of the child. Hence,  the father will have to pay for child support.

It should be noted, there are few cases in the U.S. were sperm theft occurred at fertility clinics and a Judge ruled in favor of the man because his signature was needed to authorize the procedure to take place but his signature was forged. The clinic did not due it proper due diligence and probably the reason why the Judge ruled in the man’s favor.

Related Questions:

How long does sperm live in condoms?

Sperm can live for a couple of hours inside of condom. It should be noted that the lifespan of sperm will be determined on the environment inside of the condom in particular the moisture and temperature levels.

How long does sperm live outside the body on skin?

Anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. The lifespan of sperm is always determined on the surface of the sperm is on.

How long does sperm live outside the body on clothes?

On clothing, sperm may last 10-15 minutes or however fast the the sperm dries before all of them die.

Can dead sperm make a woman pregnant?

No. Once dead sperm cannot fertilize the egg.

Can a woman save sperm in your mouth?

Yes. It is possible for woman to preserve sperm inside of mouth. The mouth is a warm and moist environment.  But, If the woman’s intent is to get pregnant without the man’s knowledge she will need to transfer the sperm into her vagina to have a chance of getting pregnant.

Oral sex alone or the oral ingestion of sperm cannot get a woman pregnant but can keep the sperm alive for small period of time if nothing else is ingested while storing the sperm.

Can a woman get pregnant from sperm in a condom?

Yes. It is possible for a woman can get pregnant from sperm that’s in a condom.


In conclusion,  When a pregnancy occurs through sperm theft unfortunately the mother of the child will be penalized for stealing sperm. So it is imperative that men be more aware of their interactions with females and take the necessary precautions to discard their own condoms as a way of avoiding sperm theft.

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